Institutional campaign | Mob

Mob Telecom is one of the main companies of Telecommunications industry in Northeast of Brazil that provides internet access by optical fiber to residential customers and companies in that region.

One of your main characteristcs is the regionalism in its way to communicate with customers through internet.

Said that, with the purpose of showing the "Ceará style" in a more modern way, with less "clichés" and more representativeness, the "Turbina a Vida da Gente" campaign was created valuing people who appropriated the internet to boost their life trajectories.

In fact, we know that the internet has the gift of making anyone be seen and be heard.

The campaign consisted of 1-minute main film and reduced versions, outdoor media, social media, car wrappings, papper and magazine advertisements and others.

Art Direction: Bruno Líneker and Bernardo Mamede

Copywriting and Creative direction: Alyson Cândido