Tamo Junto Carnival | Advance

The Dragão do Mar Center of Art And Culture is a government funded cultural center in Fortaleza, Ceará in Brazil and it has many spaces destinated to the realization of the most different activities, where the urban leisure, the production and diffusion of art and culture are the main focus.

In 2019, Dragão do Mar turned 20 years old so Advance Advertising Agency decided to honor its renowned neighbor in the 4th edition of it famous carnival. The "Bloco Tamo Junto" gained the streets of Praia de Iracema, revering the unique shapes, the vivid colors, the meeting of artistic expressions and the sociocultural mix of this grandiose equipment. I worked on the geometry of the Rubens de Azevedo Planetarium, the graphic design of the famous Red Bridge, the coloring of the old mansions. I also rescued the work of two important artists from Ceará: Chico da Silva and Espedito Seleiro. We made a celebration for the revitalization of Praia de Iracema and the sociocultural occupation of our dear Dragão do Mar Center of Art And Culture.

P.S.: "Tamo Junto" means We're Together.

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