Viradinha Cultural | RioMar

Viradinha Cultura is an event for kids that happens annually at RioMar Fortaleza Shopping Mall and has become a traditional event at the mall as well. Viradinha Cultural offers a special Children's Day schedule with cultural activities for the whole family.

When it came to me it was just one more layout in Photoshop (and the client was expecting just that) but I had this need to do something more. When I read the briefing, memmories of my childhood immediately came into my mind. I remembered me in front of TV trying to repeat what the girl was doing: modelling clay toys. Viradinha Cultural is an event for kids so why should I use just Photoshop and make a cold layout? So… I literally got my hands dirty.

For its 3rd edition in 2016, I used modeling clay for the composition of the layout, since it is a common material in the children's universe, giving the piece a unique and playful characteristic. It was a success and I created new visuals with modelling clay for 4 years. The characters are still being used for the client as oficial identity of the event.